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About Us...

So who are the guys that made this page?

Actually, I am just one guy with a hobby of building informational webpages like this one. I have a number of them including other utilities for doing a number of things on the Internet.

Some of my other hobby pages are:

In total I have nearly 200 domains that I am developing over time... some I choose to let go and others to sell, while others I develop mini-pages like this one.

How Do I get paid for these sites?

I monetize my sites by using a mixture of affiliate links and Google Adsense, which generates a small income. Since I treat this as a hobby, the income need not be large - and it usually is not!

Hopefully, I can provide some value to most web users and they will bookmark, link or otherwise vote for my pages. I have coded all of the HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript myself. I have done all of the artwork myself.

If you like any of the pages, please contact me and I am usually happy to exchange links with similar pages and for people who do not spam.


How do I convert CDR, PSD and other formats to JPG?

Have you ever been sent a .cdr or .psd image and not had the CorelDraw or Photoshop application installed on your PC to open it?

There are ways to solve this problem:

  • ImageMagick
  • OpenDraw - an open-source implementation of CorelDraw.
  • GIMP - The Gimp supports the opening of .psd (Photoshop) files by default.


More Freeware download sites:

  • - The first place to search for freeware.
  • - Tucows has 'mirrors' worldwide and is a source for freeware and licensed software.

New projects are being created all the time, simply search for the program you would like and maybe something is out there waiting for you to discover it!