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How to convert a bmp to jpg

The fastest and easiest way is to use our free tool on our homepage. It also converts BMP files to JPG, PNG and GIF.

Convert BMP to JPG

Converting a bitmap to a jpg is one of the most basic and simplest of all image manipulation operations. Bitmaps are huge files, so by using jpeg compression, you can reduce the size of the image substantially, thereby saving bandwidth and not annoying your readers with huge files, huge bandwidth use and long download times.

Using Software to Convert BMP to JPG:

If you are going to be working with images, you should have a good image program installed in your computer so that you can handle the task properly. Relying upon online or barebones services will give you low quality images. The whole purpose of using jpg compression is so that your images are not overly large for their purpose.

If you are a professional photographer and are showing off your work, you might want high quality / high bandwidth images so that your readers can see the quality of your work.

For most others, compression is far more important so that the images will load quickly and not hog bandwidth.

An application like "The Gimp" gives you the flexibility to decide upon the level of compression (85% is usually great for most uses) and this will have a huge impact on your file size. Read more about "The Gimp". more...



The Easiest Way To Do It:

You already have MS Paint installed in your PC, so you can simply use that to convert a bmp to jpg. You do not need to install anything. You do not get the flexibility you would have with the Gimp, for example, you cannot change the compression or size (in kb) of the image. more...


Making a .bmp Screenshot in Windows:

You can easily make a screenshot in windows by simply pressing either:

  • CTRL PrntScrn - This makes a screenshot of the entire screen.
  • ALT PrntScrn - This makes a screenshot of the active window only.

This automatically creates a bitmap of the screen.

Other bmp Tools:

Here is a selection of tools that you can use for creating, editing, manipulating and working with bitmaps: