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Which is the best file format for your image?

  • .jpg - The best for pictures.
  • .gif - The best for line-art and graphics. Also for animations.
  • .png - The highest quality image compression. Also supports transparency. PNG images support transleucency and look the best if they fade to transparent.
  • .bmp - Bitmaps are the poorest choice as the files are huge and it is a 'raw' image with no compression.

Image File Formats:

Below is a table with the most popular image file formats and their extensions. To find out more about any particular extension, simply click on the link to the left.
Transparency Animation Definition
.jpg No No .jpg or jpeg - Joint Photographic Experts Group. Variable compression rates.
.gif Yes Yes Graphics Interchange Format
.png Yes No Portable Network Graphics - High quality image compression.
.bmp No No Bitmap
.cdr Yes No CorelDraw file format
.psd Yes No Photoshop file format
.ai Yes No Adobe Illustrator file format
.xcf Yes No Gimp file format
.tiff Yes No TIFF file format
.eps Yes No Encapsulated PostScript

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How do I convert some of these other formats to JPG?

Have you ever been sent a .cdr or .psd image and not had the CorelDraw or Photoshop application installed on your PC to open it?

There are ways to solve this problem:

  • ImageMagick
  • OpenDraw - an open-source implementation of CorelDraw.
  • GIMP - The Gimp supports the opening of .psd (Photoshop) files by default.


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